(Five puppets per pack)

People- man, woman, boy, girl, baby

Pets- dog, cat, bird, mouse, hamster

Farm- donkey, cow, pig, sheep, horse

Magical Creatures- Dragon, Faerie, Wizard, Goblin, Elf
$2 additional cost for dragon wings and tail

Faeries- Snow, Flower, Leaf, Fire, Water Faeries
$1 additional cost for seperate wings

Nativity Packs-
5 pack=$11.00
15 pack=$36.00
20 pack=$48.00
Additional angels, sheep, shepards, animals= $2.50 each
Coloring Puppets
Coloring Puppets are simple fabric hand puppets which can be colored with markers and crayons or decorated with glue on decor.
Colored In Girl

Hand Puppet Prices
Single blank- $2.00 each
Single pre-drawn- $3.00 each
Pre-drawn 5 pack- $11.00
Blank- 5 pack- $9.00

Directions, Ideas, Etc.

How to Draw:  Trace the shape of the puppet onto paper.  Draw the face and designs on
the paper with a pencil.  When the design is what you want, trace the pencil lines
in  dark ink.  Put the paper inside of the puppet.  Trace the line onto the pupper with permanent marker or fabric marker.

How to Color:  Using permanent marker or fabric marker color in spaces in the desired
colors.  To help set the ink iron for several minutes on a dry setting.

How to Decorate:  Use a flexible glue such as Tacky Glue.  Place beads or lines of glue
on the decoration or on the spot on the puppet.  Spread glue slightly with a
toothpick and attach the decoration.  Press it firmly to help the glue seep into the
fabric.  Allow adequate drying time.  Decorations can be sewn on by an older
person, but be sure to only sew through one layer.

Suggested Drawing Markers:  Sharpie is the best choice. 

Suggested Coloring Markers:

Things to Decorate With:  Colored Feathers, bits of felt, beads, sequins, buttons, ribbon,
lace, glitter (using a flexible glue), google eyes, fabric scraps, bottle caps,

Pre-Drawn Duck
Blank Puppet
Sample of colored Pre-Drawn Girl
Email for Coloring Puppets Order form.

to order Coloring Puppets

to order Coloring Puppets
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finger puppets.
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Pre-Drawn Puppets

CatBirdTiger   MouseElephant   Hippo
Dog    Bear     Turkey      Sheep      Horse      Donkey
Pig                  Duck Squirrel    Monkey    Parrot      Hamster
Cow                Deer   Camel

Boy     Girl      MotherFather Baby
Holiday Pre-Drawn Puppets

Mummy WitchVampireFrankenstein  Ghost                Jack O' Lantern

Boy PilgrimGirl Pilgrim 
Girl Native American
Boy Native American    Turkey              

Santa Claus  Mrs. ClausBoy Elf    Girl ElfReindeer       Snow Man

Custom Designs of pre-drawn puppets
available by Request:
Pre-drawn requests accepted. 
  i.e.- historical characters, occupation people, animal themes, etc. 
Short design delay may be necessary.